Accepted Papers


  • The Reusability of a Diversified Search Test Collection
    Tetsuya Sakai, Zhicheng Dou, Ruihua Song and Noriko Kando.
  • One Click One Revisited: Enhancing Evaluation based on Information Units
    Tetsuya Sakai and Makoto Kato.
  • What Snippets Say About Pages in Federated Web Search
    Thomas Demeester, Dong Nguyen, Dolf Trieschnigg, Chris Develder and Djoerd Hiemstra.
  • Exploiting Twitter for Spiking Query Classification
    Mitsuo Yoshida and Yuki Arase.
  • Query-oriented Keyphrase Extraction
    Minghui Qiu, Yaliang Li and Jing Jiang.
  • Enhancing Music Information Retrieval by Incorporating Novel Image-Based Local Features
    Leszek Kaliciak, Ben Horsburgh, Dawei Song, Nirmalie Wiratunga and Jeff Pan.
  • Using Lexical and Thematic Knowledge for Name Disambiguation
    Jinpeng Wang, Wayne Xin Zhao, Rui Yan, Haitian Wei, Jianyun Nie and Xiaoming Li.
  • Are Human-input Seeds good enough for Entity Set Expansion? Seeds Rewriting by Leveraging Wikipedia Semantic Knowledg
    Zhenyu Qi and Jun Zhao.
  • A Study on Potential Head Advertisers in Sponsored Search
    Changhao Jiang, Min Zhang, Bin Gao and Tie-Yan Liu.
  • Sells Out or Piles Up? A Sentiment Autoregressive Model for Predicting Sales Performance
    Xueni Li, Shaowu Zhang, Liang Yang and Hongfei Lin.
  • Where Are You Settling Down: Geo-locating Twitter Users Based on Tweets and Social Networks
    Kejiang Ren, Shaowu Zhang and Hongfei Lin.
  • PLIDMiner: A Quality based Approach for Researcher's Homepage Discovery
    Junting Ye, Yanan Qian and Qinghua Zheng.
  • A Category-integrated Language Model for Question Retrieval in Community Question Answering
    Zongcheng Ji and Bin Wang.
  • Exploring and Exploiting Proximity Statistic for Information Retrieval Model
    Yadong Zhu.
  • Organizing Information on the Web through Agreement-Conflict Relation Classification
    Junta Mizuno, Eric Nichols, Yotaro Watanabe and Kentaro Inui.
  • CoFox: A synchronous collaborative browser
    Jesus Alberto Rodriguez Perez, Teerapong Leelanupab and Joemon Jose.
  • Exploiting and Exploring Hierarchical Structure in Music Recommendation
    Kail Lu, Guanyuan Zhang and Bin Wang.
  • Combining Modifications to Multinomial Naive Bayes for Text Classification
    Antti Puurula.
  • A Comparison of Action Transitions in Individual and Collaborative Exploratory Web Search
    Zhen Yue, Shuguang Han and Daqing He.
  • Detecting Informative Messages based on User History in Twitter
    Chang-Woo Chun, Jung-Tae Lee, Seung-Wook Lee and Hae-Chang Rim.
  • Feature transformation method enhanced vandalism detection in Wikipedia
    Tianshu Chang and Hongfei Lin.
  • Yet another Sorting-Based Solution to the Reassignment of Document Identifiers
    Shi Liang and Wang Bin.


  • FISER : An Effective Method for Detecting Interactions between Topic Persons
    Yung-Chun Chang, Pi-Hua Chuang, Chien Chin Chen and Wen-Lian Hsu.
  • Cross-Lingual Knowledge Discovery: Chinese-to-English Article Linking in Wikipedia
    Ling-Xiang Tang, Andrew Trotman, Shlomo Geva and Yue Xu.
  • Unified Recommendation and Search in E-Commerce
    Jian Wang, Yi Zhang and Tao Chen.
  • Identifying Local Questions in Community Question Answering
    Long Chen, Dell Zhang and Mark Levene.
  • Improving Content Based Image Retrieval by Identifying Least and Most Correlated Visual Words
    Leszek Kaliciak, Dawei Song, Nirmalie Wiratunga and Jeff Pan.
  • Topical Relevance Models
    Debasis Ganguly, Johannes Leveling and Gareth Jones.
  • Adaptive data fusion methods for dynamic search environments
    Shengli Wu.
  • NMiner: A System for Finding Related Entities by Mining a Bimodal Network
    Venakta Swamy Martha, Stephen Wallace, Halil Bisgin, Xiaowei Xu, Nitin Agarwal and Hemant Joshi.
  • Combining Signals for Cross-lingual Relevance Feedback
    Kristen Parton and Jianfeng Gao.
  • A Conceptual Model for Retrieval of Chinese Frequently Asked Questions in Healthcare
    Rey-Long Liu and Shu-Ling Lin.
  • LDA-based Topic Formation and Topic-Sentence Reinforcement for Graph-Based Multi-Document Summarization
    Dehong Gao, Wenjie Li, You Oyang and Renxian Zhang.
  • Query Reformulation Based on User Habits for Query-by-Humming Systems
    Guanyuan Zhang and Bin Wang.
  • Query Expansion Based on User Quality in Folksonomy
    Qing Guo, Hongfei Lin and Yuan Lin.
  • Semantically Enriched User Interest Profile Built from Users’ Tweets
    Harshit Kumar and Hong-Gee Kim.
  • Adaptive Weighting Approach to Context-Sensitive Retrieval Model
    Xiaochun Wang.
  • Effective Keyword-Based XML Retrieval Using the Data-Centric and Document-Centric Features
    Tsubasa Tanabe, Toshiyuki Shimizu and Masatoshi Yoshikawa.
  • Unsupervised Extraction of Popular Product Attributes from Web Sites
    Lidong Bing, Tak-Lam Wong and Wai Lam.
  • Aggregating Opinions on Hot Topics from Microblog Responses
    Han-Chih Liu and Jenq-Haur Wang.
  • Topic Sequence Kernel
    Jian Xu, Qin Lu, Zhengzhong Liu and Junyi Chai.
  • Opening Machine Translation Black Box for Cross-Language Information Retrieval
    Yanjun Ma, Jian-Yun Nie, Hua Wu and Haifeng Wang.
  • Topic Based Author Ranking with Full-text Citation Analysis
    Jinsong Zhang, Chun Guo and Xiaozhong Liu.
  • Vertical Classification of Web Pages for Structured Data Extraction
    Long Li, Dandan Song and Lejian Liao.
  • Grid-based Interaction for Exploratory Search
    Hideo Joho and Tetsuya Sakai.
  • Analyzing the spatiotemporal effects on detection of rain event duration
    Jyun-Yu Jiang, Yi-Shiang Tzeng,Pei-Ying Huang and Pu-Jen Cheng.
  • Outpatient Department Recommendation based on Medical Summaries
    Hen-Hsen Huang, Chia-Chun Lee and Hsin-Hsi Chen.
  • Actively Mining Diverse Tags from Search Log
    Lun Yan and Yan Zhang.